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Tracy Frohawk

I joined the gym in January with the intent of ‘getting fitter’ as everyone does at the start of a new year.  I decided to take part in Boot Camp right at the very beginning of my journey and then attended various classes, this was ok but I felt I wasn’t pushing myself.

I had a review with Chris and he mentioned Team Dynamix which sounded really good.  I signed up for the course in April and although the workouts were demanding and the diet was completely different to anything I had tried, I loved all of the classes.  I found I was disciplined, my fitness increase rapidly and I lost 12lbs in 4 weeks.  I also met like-minded people – Yvonne who is now my gym buddy – result!

After a few months Chris mentioned that there was the chance of a follow up class for Team Dynamix, of course I signed up straight away.  The diet was the same but the exercise was even harder.  This wasn’t a problem as I hadn’t realised how strong and determined I had become.

I am delighted to have lost 4 and half stone since January and I can honestly say without the support and encouragement I have received from Chris and Team Dynamix, I wouldn’t be the slimmer, fitter person I am today.  I still have more weight to lose but look forward to doing it and I will be signing up again for the next Team Dynamix Course.


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Peter Lewthwaite

Peter Lewthwaite lost an amazing 2 stone (28lbs) on our 4 week weight loss course, Peter states ‘I started Team Dynamix for health reasons – i.e. needed to lose weight and get fitter. It was one of the best decisions I have made in a long time, I feel Healthier and fitter than ever and I had amazing weight loss results’.  Being a new member at the gym, Team Dynamix has allowed Peter to settle in and learn the most up to date training techniques for weight loss, he continues ‘I have met some great like-minded people on the course and I will definitely continue to use what I have learnt for the future. Peter is now ready to continue with his progress and can feel confident in what he is doing to achieve his goals, both with training at the gym and his nutrition.


Mark Robinson

Mark Robinson Joined Team Dynamix Boot Camp in January this year and got some fantastic results. Usually a keen weight lifter and bodybuilder Mark focuses on size and strength gains in the gym and his workouts are usually based around the free weights area. The Boot Camp programme gave him a different, more Intense workout and changed his routine completely for 4 weeks.  Mark tells us in his own words the benefits he gained.

“My new year’s resolution for the 11th year running was to lose unwanted body fat while at the same time keeping hold of muscle mass, not the easiest of goals to achieve as many will understand. So how was I going to achieve this? Should I keep hitting the weights day after day, week after week? 3-5 sets of 10-12 reps as heavy as possible? I wasn’t sure if I could stand that for another year running and be faced with the same conclusion next January.

If you’re reading this article and empathising with me then I’m telling you that there is a way of losing body fat, keeping lean muscle and most surprisingly increasing strength at the same time! I achieved all of these results in one month by taking part in Team Dynamix Boot Camp. Run by Chris Hutchinson, Boot Camp was fun, time effective and don’t be under any illusion that it was easy. The sessions are fast paced and the intensity is very high. My Motivation went through the roof with Boot Camp and I was amazed at the post Boot Camp weigh in when I discovered that I had lost 8lbs, 3 inches around my waist but yet gained an inch around my chest and arms. Considering I usually focus on slow movement and heavy weight lifting for size and strength gains, I was amazed to find that my leg and back strength had drastically increased after the 4 weeks. Results I was definitely not expecting.

So if you want to lose body fat, get ‘ripped’ and not lose muscle mass, do yourself a favour, banish the boredom and book yourself onto Team Dynamix Boot Camp with Chris. You will get the results you’re after”.



Sophie Blumire
I was very apprehensive about starting the regime, but knew I had to
find something to motivate me to lose weight and get fit! The last
four weeks have certainly done this! I have seen huge progress
throughout, my body shape has changed by losing 15 inches, I have lost
14lbs and have definitely improved my fitness. Looking back at my
first session, I cannot believe how much I have developed in such a
short space of time.  I was quite worried about the practical
sessions, but was put at ease by the instructors Andrew and Tom.
Throughout the whole process they have been fantastic! They have
encouraged us all the way, supporting and motivating us to always do
our very best! This process would not have been as successful without
these two fantastic blokes, so I cannot thank them enough! I think one
of the best bits about ‘Team Dynamix’, is working as a group. I could
not have been with a lovelier bunch of people. Everyone was there to
help each other, encourage and support.  It was brilliant to have a
network that you could bounce off and share worries and also advice.
The recipe ideas have also been fantastic! You never felt
self-conscious or out of place, as you were all in it together. The
sessions are intense and hard work, but by persisting and pushing
yourself, what you can achieve is fantastic. Having a laugh at the
same time is also a big bonus! I think the hardest thing I have found
is the diet, but I have learnt so much from it. Once I developed my
understanding of different foods and became more adventurous with
meals, it was much easier. I am now craving the right foods for my
body and am feeling much better for it! The four weeks have flown by
and I never thought I would say it, but I am actually disappointed it
is over. It has really been a fantastic experience and I would
certainly recommend it to anyone. I feel it has been a huge learning
curve for me and it has put me back on the right path! Thank you so
much to all ‘the team’ and Andrew and Tom, it has really been a
pleasure to take part!

Anthony Scott
My dads youngest brother died of a heart attack at just 45 so i signed
up for the gym when i was 44.
I have been a member for nearly 6 years
I was around 105kg when i joined balance and have gradually increased
my fitness but have only lost 15 kgs in my time at balance as i had
Just 4 weeks at Team Dynamix I’m now down to 85kg including a few
inches off my waist!
Team Dynamix is fun and provides you with moral support at the inevitable lows.
We have learnt a lot about the detox and the hormonal response the
foods have on your body.
I was expecting to be lacking in energy as a result, but was surprised
to find this did not happen, in fact i have been able to train harder!
A big thank you to Tom and Andrew for helping me achieve my 5kg weight loss.

Tommy Campbell
I would highly recommend the Team Dynamix course to anyone and
everyone. I started it very unfit but with the diet and the training i
soon started to feel fit again and lost half a stone in the first two
weeks, now after 4 weeks and the course is over its given me the drive
to keep training and stay fit. About 4 weeks before the course i had a
trapped nerve in my back. I had visited the doctors and osteopath with
no result, this course has completely cured it! Andrew and Tom done a
great job, made the hard work enjoyable and so everyone stayed
interested, its definitely what they said it would be, guaranteed
weight loss and tone up.

Dawn McKeown
Team dynamix has been great fun. I have lost weight and inches whilst
making friends and working out in a supportive environment. I shall
continue with the main principles off the diet……because it works!
Cant thank Balance enough for helping me through this, as well as my
supportive group, thank you!

Duncan Webster
Week 1 . Great first session with good education about the body’s
cells followed by a good team workout. Lots of fun and felt great.
Week 2 . Lost 6 pounds which is the most i have ever lost in one go.
Even more surprising i don’t feel hungry and have eaten loads. This
week was about blood sugar levels, as a insulin diabetic, this was
very interested. My sugar levels prior to Team Dynamix was 9.0 / 11.0
/ 8.5 / 12.0 / 8.9 , after a week they have been 6.0 / 5.3 / 6.5 / 6.0
/ 5.8 and 5.9 today. As an insulin dependant diabetic this is
Week 3 . Ive now reduced my the amount of insulin i take because my
blood sugar have got even lower.
Week 4 . My wife has seen some definition in my arms. MI have also
found myself putting in more effort as my fitness has improved as well
as having a faster recovery time.

I think the four Weeks have been great and I’m really proud of myself.
Thank you.

Roxi Barnett
After keeping to the same diet and exercise routine I felt like I
needed a change and the Team Dynamix programme sounded like the
challenge I needed.

The food diet was initially a bit scary and I did wonder how difficult
it would be to maintain especially as I did mainly eat from the
‘naughty list’. Once the programme started though, the ideas from
looking on the Internet for recipes or talking with other members
really gave me many tasty alternatives. Once I got used to preparing
my meals the day before, I found it easy to follow especially as I
could snack on fruit and vegetables so I wouldn’t get hungry.

The classes at the gym were fun and interesting and were suitable for
all our fitness levels. As the weeks passed I could see us all pushing
harder then before with all our extra energy.

I have since found myself with more energy and even now the detox is
finished I find I enjoy the healthier options more and feel sluggish
if I have  a cheat meal. I am now balancing my diet much better and
really enjoying the benefits of being more healthy and reaching my
goal in weight and fitness.

Tom and Andrew were superb and really made everything clear with the
science side of the diet and exercise. They made us understand why
things needed to be done and how everything you do and eat affects
your body. They pushed us during the training and were a constant
source of support and encouragement.

I would definitely recommend this programme not just for the weight
loss (although its so great to finally reach my desired weight), but
also for those who want to look after their body and be more healthy.

Total weight loss; 11lbs

Inch Loss; 3 inches off stomach, 2 inches off thighs, 2 inches of bum,
1 inch off arm.


David Smith

I found the course to be very informative.  It gave me a good understanding about foods and the way they affect your diet and the way you feel.

The information I gained made it easier to enjoy the course, which was very rewarding.  I enjoyed it as I was feeling the results immediately, firstly knowing I had received a good workout for my fitness, but also with the way I was feeling in other ways too due to the healthier diet.

Steve was a great instructor.  He was always available by phone to answer any questions and also very motivational.  He was very encouraging during the work out sessions, and always made time at the end of the sessions for a chat to motivate, and again answer any questions.  He had really good knowledge and always had answers to my questions.

My results were fantastic.  I lost 1 stone 3 pounds over the 4 weeks. I lost several inches and 6% body fat.  I also felt better in myself when I stuck to the diet, even after the course was completed.

I learnt a lot about what foods to avoid during the course, and I am continuing to keep these foods to a minimum and I have taken Steve’s advice to introduce red meat back into my diet slowly. I am continuing with some aspects of the Team Dynamix diet plan, such as eating lots of fresh fruit instead of snacking and drinking plenty of water to reduce the amount of coffee I drink. But not forgetting my treat meal each week

I have also had my general workout program reviewed with Steve, to again include what I have learnt from the Team Dynamix course.

I would recommend the course.   It takes motivation and stamina, but is well worth the results and knowledge you get from it.

Thanks again to Steve and the Team Dynamix team as without this course I would still be doing low intensity exercise and getting nowhere.



Debbie Steer

Having recently had a health scare that fortunately turned out to be nothing sinister, I decided enough was enough and that I needed to gain control of my life again. I signed up to rejoin Odyssey after a several year gap and was talked into trying out Team Dynamix.  It started that very evening and so before I really had a chance to find out much about it I turned up on that Monday evening quite innocently expecting a bit of a workout in a group session. Oh my goodness!!!! It was quite a bit more than that….Each session started with a talk on nutrition, reactions that food has and why you should and shouldn’t eat certain foods….it was only a short burst of information but I learnt so much more than I ever have on all the other diets I have tried. The exercises were to say the least a little strange to begin with and I am sure i lost the first few ounces laughing at what I must have looked like…They were well explained and some of them were really hard but along with plenty of encouragement from Steve I pushed myself at each session to the maximum. I kept telling myself that it was all over in an hour and that if I was going to put myself through this experience (for just a month) I may as well stick to it 100 percent and try to get the most from it.  Outside the session the support was fantastic too and any food queries were answered speedily by text to avoid my diverting from what I was allowed. (Steve even looked up a menu in a restaurant to text me what I could eat on a night out)… Team Dynamix was without a doubt one of the hardest things I have ever put myself through but it was also one of the most satisfying. I lost 9lb in the 3 weeks 4 days…10 and a half inches in my body size and 2 percent body fat…Since finishing I have continued to lose weight at a more steady rate and have introduced many of the foods not allowed but they are in moderation and I understand why they should remain so. I would recommend Team Dynamix to anyone who wants to see results quickly but only if you are prepared to put everything into it.


Roger Whitten

Earlier this year I decided it was time to seriously get in shape.

I have been working hard at Odyssey for 10 years and my weight has mirrored the archetypal yoyo! It gets a bit depressing when you spend a lot of time in the gym but not much changes. You mix up your workout to keep it interesting but things slip and before you know it your back where you started or worse.

The point is we all think the exercise will do the job but if we’re honest, just carry on eating and drinking as before…”the exercise will compensate”.

Not True!

My personal trainer Anthony Price introduced me to Team Dynamix and has worked with me privately too..keeping me on track to realize the goal. Anthony and The Dynamix team have finally taught me that a little education about what we put in our bodies is priceless.

Get the body working properly and the exercise starts do what we want it to. The weight has fallen off over the last 7 months and I feel great.

(Looking good too, I might add).

Having just completed the Dynamix follow up course I can honestly say, no exercise regime has ever changed the way my body ‘works’ as this has.

I have lost 15kgs since March (now 80.6kgs) but more importantly my BMI has fallen from 29.7 to 25.4 and Body fat from 26% to 18% and its proved what I always knew…there is a six pack under there, although I am happy with the 2 pack I currently sport.

The fact is, the education about food has changed the way I think about it, and what I eat, all the time. I am a food lover and enjoy it (with wine) and I still have a splurge when I want to.

The exercise is logical..I understand what it is doing and the benefits are clear. It is a complete body overhaul and for those who want that little bit more, all I can say is give it a go.

It is hard..the exercise is different but you get used to it fast and it becomes enjoyably easy. It is also something you can take away with you as little equipment is required, but most of all it is great fun..The Team do a great job at cracking the whip and helping you realize your goal.

My secret weapon is the knowledge…I know, in the future, what I need to do or change if I let things slip!


Thomas Wright

Starting weight:                16st 3lb

End weight:                        15st 5lb

To whom it may concern,

Firstly I am writing to say thank you for suggesting the Team Dynamix course.

I joined Odyssey at the end of July 2011 and booked in for my induction a week later. When I turned up for it I was greeted by Oliver White, a very professional and enthusiastic man. As soon as we started the induction he made it very relaxed and enjoyable. He took my relevant measurements and also wanted to know what I wanted to get out of joining the gym, my goals. I told him I would like increased fitness and most of all a large weight loss as I had a holiday in a month’s time. As soon as he heard my goals he immediately suggested the Team Dynamix course. At first I was a bit sceptical but listened in. After Oliver had explained the course it did seem perfect for what I wanted and a very reasonable price for what I was getting (I would say cheap now I have done the course and seen the results).

After we had secured my place on the course Oliver gave me my start up book and I went away to read up on what I needed to get and prepare. The booklet gave me lots of useful information which I really started to understand as the course went on and still use to this day.

Oliver took our course and throughout was a great leader and had more information on nutrition and training than your average library. Any questions we did have he answered and if he didn’t know he took time out of his own schedule to find the right answers and helped us understand them more.

The first session was a familiarisation to the course techniques and with the people attending the course. We had a good mix on the course of younger and older people at all different levels of fitness. The great thing about this course was that it catered for everyone. This is because the activities are client led so you work as hard as you can. Although you do have Oliver pushing you that little bit harder (or right in your ear if you ask for it) every session to really get the good results.

As the weeks went on I felt myself training harder and eating much better. The nutritional information alone was worth the money. It has given me ideas for eating what and when, and also to keep up the lifestyle and make it enjoyable. I would go as far to say that what I eat now is not only healthier but more enjoyable than what I used to eat. I did used to love a cake or two and plenty carbs. The course doesn’t stop you eating anything at all, it just gives you an insight into what is healthier and I can honestly say a lot tastier.

The training soon got to a very high level, the activities were longer and the rest periods were shorter. As a result of this recovery time was also shorter. We got through more exercises as the weeks went on. I saw my weight drop drastically in week three and it really gave me boost to keep up the hard work and the eating. The food was no longer a diet but a lifestyle change. I looked forward to every meal and couldn’t wait to get back from training on the Friday nights and check my weight.

The adrenaline was pumping for the last session as I wanted to work as hard as I could and gain as much as I could out of the four weeks. Spirits were high and everybody had enjoyed the last session more than usual. I remember dropping to my knees in exhaustion and great pleasure after the last exercise knowing I had done as much as I could and thoroughly enjoying the four weeks. Looking back it’s a shame it wasn’t a bit longer.

We weighed ourselves on the last night individually with Oliver and I was more than happy with what I had achieved. A twelve pound weight loss, a huge drop in body fat percentage and felt at a very high level of fitness.

I really can’t recommend the course enough. If you are looking to get fitter, lose some weight and change your eating habits to a more healthy option then it is perfect for you. There are no gimmicks, you put in as much work as you can and the more effort you put in the better the results will be. It is a fantastic few weeks and I had great fun doing it.


Christopher French

I have been a member at Odyssey for many years now, and I have had some great success losing body fat when working out and working in a job that required me to be on my feet all day. However, after leaving university and starting a desk job, I was struggling to shift the weight I had gained in a take-away- and alcohol-filled final year. My workout was not helping, nor was my below average diet and immobile work life.
When Steve Wilmot at Odyssey suggested I look into Team Dynamix as a new and intuitive way to lose weight, I was initially sceptical; I had lost weight on my own before so decided to continue. When positive results continued to evade me, I read the testimonials on the gym wall, attended the taster session and decided to sign up.
No amount of words written by others could have prepared me for the hard work which was to come over the next four weeks. The exercise is split into mobilisers, to get the body moving; warm-ups, to prepare for the hard work; games, for some light relief and further warm-up; strength, to blast your muscles harder than you thought they could go; and finally cardio, to make you wonder why you signed up to such hard work! In all seriousness, Team Dynamix sessions were the hardest I have ever worked at the gym, or in any exercise I had ever done. But this was not a bad thing. The training really opened my eyes to how far I could push myself and the group environment really forced me to go the extra mile, avoiding the “I think I’ll give up now because I’m tired” mentality that so many people have when training solo. The nature of the training made it challenging for everyone, no matter the differing strength levels of participants.
The nutrition side of Team Dynamix was very enlightening. As I live with the rest of my family I thought it would be difficult to have my own meal separately, but a lot of the Team Dynamix meals can be knocked up fairly quickly and I really enjoyed learning to cook with new ingredients. There was a talk at the start of every session which explained why we are eating certain things and eliminating others, and also why we exercise differently to how we would at the gym. Steve was always on call by phone or email to answer any queries about food that we had. The cheat meals (NOT days, alas!) allowed for flexibility. It was my birthday during the course and I was still able to enjoy it despite the nutrition plan.
Ultimately, I was staggered by my results. In the four weeks I lost just under 5kg or about 10lb; I was noticeably slimmer as early as the second week and by the third week I was receiving comments about my weight loss from colleagues and family members, such was the extent of my progress. Not only this, but I understood the importance of what we put in our body and the type of exercise which would guarantee results. Steve has personally reviewed my gym programme to reflect the training and I have continued to lose weight. I haven’t looked back and I would highly recommend the course to anyone struggling to lose those extra pounds!


Darren Saunders

When I first started on the Team Dynamix course in June I weighted 15 stone 8 lb, I’m only 5ft 8” so was classified as obese. My measurements were as follows:
• Chest – 44”
• Stomach – 45”
• Hips – 42”
• Butt – 44”
• Thighs – 25”
I used to be an extremely fit football-playing man and weighed about 11 stone with a fantastic six pack! But life happened and I found myself at 34 years old, really unhappy with my weight and shape. I thought I’d give the Team Dynamix course a go as it was an all round course offering the whole package, fitness training and healthy eating awareness.
I was a little apprehensive when I was given the food list. It looked really daunting as I thought I’d never be able to stick with the food that I was allowed to eat. In fact it helped me to broaden my horizons when it came to my food choices. I tried food I’d never have dreamed I’d try, for example quinoa. I didn’t even know what that was! I’ve passed on the information I received in the very valuable healthy eating lessons and an unexpected positive outcome of me eating more healthily is that it’s rubbed off on my family. We are now more conscious about the food we eat and the way we cook it. I’ve completely changed the way I eat and what I eat. I have taken so much from the course.
I really enjoyed the training sessions. I really benefit from being pushed, and I certainly was. The sessions were by no means easy, but there was a team of people in the same boat as me and I came out every time with a huge feeling of achievement.
Once the weight started to fall off, it gave me such an incentive to keep going.
Three months down the line and I’m 2 stone lighter. My measurements now are:
• Chest – 41”
• Stomach – 39”
• Hips – 37.5”
• Butt – 40”
• Thighs – 20.5”
There’s still a way to go, but I’m doing it with the knowledge gained from the Team Dynamix course, I’m eating healthy and exercising. The outcome of the Team Dynamix course is that I have now joined the gym. I’d convinced myself that I’d never had the time to go to the gym, but I managed to go to Team Dynamix three times a week so that changed my mind. I’m loving it. I’m playing football at the gym, which is my passion, once a week and I manage to train at least twice a week.
Our trainer on the first Team Dynamix Oliver White, was so supportive. I couldn’t have done it without him and the Team of staff encouraging me every step of the way.
I’m a Train Driver by profession and had no exercise during the day so I know my weight loss is all down to Team Dynamix, It’s literally changed my life. I feel so much healthier and look so much better. My self esteem has rocketed and that has had a positive effect on everything. The only negative point I have is I have to buy some clothes that fit. The jeans I wanted to fit into are too big!


Ella Kent

As you know weight was a bit of an issue for me. After Team Dynamix I stayed on the eating plan for another 2 weeks and I started another course. But I kept having really bad stomach pains during some of the exercise and as it turns out aggravated by the eating plan. It turns out I have a hiatus hernia. Which meant that some of the eating plan was not really helpful for me and had caused it to flair up by disrupting the flora in my stomach and producing too much stomach acid which inflamed all my stomach and intestines.. So I had to stop eating fruit on its own and for breakfast and re introduce some good old oats and wholemeal bread. Which for me has really helped .
I started cycling in to work every day. Which is about 14 miles a day, and I have stuck to the principles of the eating programme, with a bit of tweaking to help my over production of acid.
So far I have lost over 2 stone. The first stone and a half thanks to sticking to the programme 100%. Which I did do. I don’t have a body fat % but I did lose 10 inches! from my waist. Crazy huh. 4 from my hips. 4 from my stomach and 8 from my chest. Plus a couple from each limb, and my BMI is down to just plain old overweight rather than “you are a totally fat cow get off the scales at once. “
I wouldn’t say it was easy, mainly because its very hard when you have it in your head that you should be watching energy in energy out in the form of calories to accept that you don’t have to count anything.
I also found having the cheat meals hard. Strangely enough. Mainly because I kept thinking because I wasn’t “counting” what I was having I couldn’t get a handle on having earnt it.
For me I have found I have had to go back to roughly counting my calorie intake. The fact is I am 45 and my metabolism is slower these days. I had and still have a lot of weight to lose that exercise alone isn’t enough to shift.
It has certainly given me a much needed kick start and encouraged me to go and push myself.

Stuart Johnson

I have been a member of Odyssey since March and have thoroughly enjoyed my experience and for the first time ever I look forward to coming to a gym. This is because of many reasons one being a big change in my body and my life due to tough PT sessions with Anthony who has shown me an enjoyable side to fitness and also an educational side with food/diet which really started me on the way.
Anthony then recommended Team Dynamix which I have just completed and in just 4 weeks my weight has fallen off with my waist decreasing 3 inches! Don’t get me wrong it was tough but I will carry this on now and not look back. Claire and Ben who took our course were just superb always pushing us helping us to get through the sessions and giving us great receipe ideas for the food. They ran the course really well and I would encourage anyone to give it a go.


Robert Gracie

The course was good value and extremely informative. The standard of the instructor, trainers was exceptional. Not only did they know their stuff but they also made the course fun by engaging all the candidates. I am a teacher, trainer myself and even though course knowledge is a must, the ability to make any course fun is critical, without engaging your candidate’s course knowledge can be lost. All the trainers enjoyed delivering their courses and I cannot speak more highly of all the trainers I was involved with during the Team Dynamix course.
I am now able to manage my weight and lifestyle from the knowledge I gained from the course. I did enjoy the physical aspect even though the idea of a group training session was daunting for me initially. I also enjoyed being pushed/encouraged by the trainers when I was physically tiring.
I would definitely be interested in any follow up courses.


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